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* Engage with us to help  "Make a difference"  with just one unit of currency. 


* From each transaction 23.2% of currency goes to Paypal.

* We at the end of each year  as part of our philanthropic desire to help, will 

   give all donations and a good chunk of T- Shirt sales, towards creating scholarship 

   programmes for medical students wanting to become professional doctors. 


* So if you've enjoyed the site and believe it serves a wonderful purpose please

   Help make a difference ! 






* Engage with anything more than 12 pounds sterling and you'll receive one of our designed

   specific T- shirts made from fair trade cotton...............with p&p included ! ! ! 








                                                    *Please allow 28 days for delivery


I made a difference



               If you need help with your order or need to contact us for any other reason

                                           then email us ; Help@Ribbontrees.com







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