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About us


Welcome to Ribbontrees.com...The Original Eternal 


Our Foundation has an aim to help Medical students become Doctors,                                  

by creating Scholarship programmes through your inter-action.

Immortalize your lost loved ones with Ribbontree.com,

creating an Eternal space in their memory.

With a single Ribbon credit we give you one free to give away.

You also get to experience our  " New Lantern Feature " that is for your eyes only!

So Help us Help you and the Health of the World through Ribbontrees.com...

To start you must sign-up and register an email and password.Then wait for a confirmation email to be sent

that has a "link" you must follow in order to complete registration... Now your ready to create!

Here's how it goes :

One person chooses  a tree and places it into a horizon. 


The tree  represents the past soul and can be seen to be blowing in the wind

and ultimately adorned with colourful ribbons.







You can tour a tree without the need for signing up and view the ribbon dedications.

Ribbons are  available in 5 colours which represent your connection.

Red - Family,  Blue - Male Friends, Pink - Female Friends, White - Work Colleagues,

Yellow - That Someone Special even pets.






Ribbons can be placed anywhere on the tree and when clicked apon, they flip to reveal

a persons dedication.

Dedications can be uploaded onto a ribbon in the forms of Music, Messages,

Pictures and Videos.








As Ribbontrees grows so will the options soley through your feedback.


We hope you enjoy the site !  





















The Hits Report So Far!                     





















A few more Ribbontrees












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